Artifical intelligence

Where the past meets the future

  • Using Natural Language Processing and deep learning our chatbot platforms can be configured in a matter of days, learning from your data and integrating into your systems to provide virtual customer assistants.
  • Reduce customer journey friction and improve your operational efficiency
  • Once implemented our virtual assistants will be available to support your customers 24/7 365 and can handle hundreds of customer interactions every second.
  • Our AI fuelled emotion recognition platform scans the faces of a whole area or room and supplies statistics on demographics and mood which can be fed back into your product development teams to improve the customer experience and increase revenue.
  • As the facial recognition stores no images and does not hold any personal information the emotion recognition solution is completely data compliant.

Mix Reality – AR/VR

Our lab creates real solutions for companies looking to implement Virtual/Augmented Reality today

  • Using high-quality content our immersive reality solutions can be deployed on high-end VR equipment or can be factored to be used on low computing power edge devices such as Samsung Gear.
  • Typical use cases are for customer marketing such as walk-throughs, customer experiences such as interactive games and also a wide range of training applications.
  • Our mobile Augmented reality solutions can either use custom markers or be markerless, using the power of AI to recognise certain objects, buildings and overlay digital information.
  • With AR integrated into personalised data sets we can personalise the AR based on customer preference.
  • Typical use cases are virtual guided tours, historical overlays and token hunts


We have created expert teams experience with blockchain architecture, implementation and operation

  • Our blockchain strategists are part of a consortium of over 20 blockchain groups which will be able to guide you through creating and devising strategy, technology, and operations in your blockchain corporate journey.
  • AIVRLabs provides the specialized blockchain talent as an outsource expert resource for your company on an as-need-basis.
  • We work with companies to find ways to implement blockchain technology and maximize their ROI in a very challenging regulatory environment.
  • Tracking digital assets, physical assets, and documents in the maritime sector using blockchain technology is an area where AIVRLabs experts can help you.
  • Blockchain is ready to transform your industry and AIVRLabs will be there to help guide you through this transformation today with our specialized teams.

Sectors where we are Experts

AIVRLabs is part of an ecosystem of companies providing a blended set of services enabling your digital transformation strategies


Over 20 years in the travel industry working with Tour operators, OTAs and destinations have given us the industry experience to understand the core business needs and implement solutions efficiently.


As domain experts in Cruise, we understand the complexity and the unique challenges when on-board. We develop solutions according to the unique requirements that cruise demands.


As many ferry companies now are increasing the velocity of their digital transformation projects we are using our experience in the industry to help them develop their strategies and implement exponential technologies into their digital vision.


In health we understand the importance of patient data when integrating our solutions. We are using our experience in travel to improve the customer experience for patients. We are also using AI to support radiologists with processing the high volume of image data.


We use our expertise in data science to develop sentiment analysis solutions that deliver critical feedback from social media on what consumers are saying about your brand or product. Our emotion recognition solutions provide a new level of insight into how your customers are feeling in-store.

Many More

Other industries we have experience in are Insurance, Commercial shipping, manufacturing and brokerage.

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